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We are a creative tech company that utilizes our unique cultural intelligence to create beautiful, moving moments. We help cultural, creative and corporate organizations bring their stories to life in modern, magical ways.


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Culture lens BY VAKA

Culture Lens is the worlds first cultural storytelling portrait that allows people to engage with the storytellers themselves.  

We are excited to share Culture Lens with the world and look forward to working with organizations all over the globe to bring culture to life.

It’s magic, art, culture and tech all rolled into one.



  • Live portraits – animated artwork brought to life, providing realistic and captivating experiences

  • Guided conversations – portraits that are animated and able to guide conversations through multiple storylines, engaging people in their stories and lives

  • Facial detection – frames that detect when faces come into focus and wake the portraits, bringing them alive to tell their story and sending them to sleep when people move on


  • Voice recognition – hidden microphones that listen and use automatic voice recognition to activate the portrait and trigger the sharing of relevant stories to the visitors.

  • Data collection – the camera and microphone are designed to capture qualitative and quantitative data, capturing emotions, vocal commands and interactions – all without breaching privacy rules.

  • Way finding – enabling video characters to direct people through spaces using multiple connected screens.


Culture Lens is delivered in two parts:

  • Service design – the team work with you to explore the cultural experience, develop portrait characters, stories and scripts; animate characters, connect technology and activate the experience

  • Support subscription – Culture Lens offer a monthly or annual subscription service for the bundled frame, technology and support

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Our Team


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jesse armstrong,

chief executive

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jaemen busby,

chief creative

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andrea fua,

chief operating

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kate selby-bennetts,

digital artist

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justin perez,

3d artist

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lachlan cook,

animation lead

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noel thomas,


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