Throughout Polynesia, the vaka (canoe) represents the journey of Maori and Pacific people. Through the past and into the future, we are inspired by our entrepreneurial ancestors that crafted vaka to navigate the elements and eventually discover the Pacific Islands and Aotearoa.

As urban, millennial Maori and Pacific, we honour their journey by navigating the modern world of business and entrepreneurship. We trust our hearts, read the elements and adapt to circumstance so we can empower individuals and communities around the world to bring their own stories to life.

For us, the vaka symbolises our journey, vision and drive to empower the world.


Founding team

Jesse - Profile Shot.jpg

Jesse Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea - Profile Shot.jpg

Andrea Fua

Chief Operating Officer


Production Team


Justin Perez

3D Artist


Kate Selby-Bennetts

Digital Artist


Alice Reeve

Animation Lead


Lachlan Cook

Technical Artist


Development Team


Ken Kopelson

Lead Developer


Noel Thomas

Junior Developer


Design Team


Maisie Palmer

Design Lead


Abi Yuen

Creative tech Lead