Vaka Interactiv combines the virtues of culture with the latest in technology and storytelling to elevate your experiences to the next level.


Culture Lens

The world’s first interactive cultural storytelling portrait that allows storytellers to come alive in magically compelling ways.


Our immersive digital storytelling software that brings stories to life in your environment, adding impact to your story.


Storytech Design

Our design consultancy package that enables you to see how technology can bring your stories alive.

A World First…


For organisations that recognise low levels of engagement, Culture Lens brings the storytellers to life in a magically compelling portrait offering that draws people in to experience the four shades of impact: entertainment, education, enlightenment and emotion.



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Environments that Breathe…


For organisations that want to do more to showcase their storytelling projects, our IoT offering, IRIS, creates magical atmospheres that breathe new life into your new and existing experiences.



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Collaboration to Creation


For organizations that wish to utilise technology to maximise their impact but are uncertain on the best approach, Storytech Design takes away the risk by employing our expertise to provide full stack UX design and advice.  


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